About the F.C. Bloxom Company

established 1930
We are your speciailty produce distributor

F.C. Bloxom Company began selling produce in Seattle 75 years ago. Fred C. Bloxom had Yakima relatives involved in agriculture who needed a representative in the terminal market on Western Avenue in Seattle , WA . At the time Seattle was far enough away to make marketing and promotion of their own products too costly.

Other Yakima-area growers began to use Bloxom and business grew. Fred hired his son-in-law, Kinne M. Hawes and son, F. Clinton Bloxom, Jr. when they returned from World War II. Products from more and more distant growing areas in Oregon, Idaho, California, Texas, and Florida were added to the product line as shippers from these areas began using us as their terminal market representative to assure products would make market quickly and with a minimum of shrinkage.

During the 1960's and 1970's the brokerage function began to evolve into a more service-oriented warehousing and distribution function.  We now purchase full title to produce we trade as well as broker fruit and vegetables for our shippers, growers and packers to our wholesalers, retail receivers and foodservice purveyors and to our importers and exporters both domestic and foreign.  For straight loads or mixed commodities, call us to help with timely transit and careful handling of your goods.

We now perform transportation and freight handling services on full truck lot and less-than-trucklot (LTL) shipments daily. We work locations as close as within our Washington state and as far away as Mexico, Arizona and California, Texas and Florida, Alaska and Hawaii, and further to our international trading partners’ facilities in major world ports.

Our procurement services can involve review and inspection of lots for consistency and repacking or reconditioning them if necessary.  If your needs involve ripening for on-time readiness on retail shelves or restaurant plates we can help.

F.C. Bloxom Company moved into its current 22,000 square-foot location in July of 1992 to facilitate truck unloading, warehousing, and timing of deliveries and transshipment into ocean containers. Our trading includes buying and selling in Alaska, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Guam, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia and Panama as well as many South American countries. An increasing portion of our business is the discharge and cross-dock of containerized products. We are conveniently close to the container piers and the conflux of Interstate Highway 90 and Interstate Highway 5 to service you with a variety of product lines from all points, both national and international.


A single call for your fruit, vegetable, and speciality produce needs.

A single call for all your fruit, vegetable, and speciality produce needs.